Canadian plans that allow you to keep your number and save money at the same time!

Scarlet Plans


**These plans are for existing Koodo customers  in BC/AB/ON ONLY**


Your existing Plan

All for a one time fee of $9! 


**You are purchasing an eBook with DIY instructions on how to get this plan. This promotion can expire at any time. Please do not purchase this eBook if you are unable to follow instructions. This plan requires you to follow simple techniques, and if you cannot do so - please do not purchase.*

Go ahead and compare these plans to Koodo's website. These are the best plans you can get in Canada! Sound too good to be true? Check out our reviews

Frequently asked questions

What is the process to acquire this plan?

Click here to purchase the instructions you will be emailed a download link for the instructions. Follow the super simple instructions to acquire the plan

Will this work?

Yes, the steps are extremely easy!

Are these for new or existing customers?

These plans are for existing Koodo customers only!

Are these plans out of province plans?

No. These are not out of province plans or bonuses

What am I buying?

You are purchasing an instructional eBook with super simple instructions on how to get this plan

Will these plans ever expire or get taken away?

Nope! These plans are completely legitimate and you can call Koodo and even do a hardware upgrade at anytime in the future

Are you the only one offering this type of plan?

At CPM Canada, we start trends that quickly gain national attention. Expect our competitors to jump on board and try their best to copy selling these plans. Many of our "competitors" have signed up to our mailing list so they can constant updates about our services. They try to find out as much as they from our new plans, then copy it.

Why isn't CPM Canada setting these up?

These plans are set up by Koodo directly, we are spreading the knowledge required to do so

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product we will not provide refunds. There will be no refunds for people who buy our eBook to simply find out the method then say "it isn't for me ,please refund" We have gone above and beyond with our warnings, FAQ and overall information we provide to you to make an informed purchase decision. Many companies would not go this far. Please read all of the information before buying. Thank you

If I am on a tab or contract, do I have to cancel?


Will I incur any other costs aside from the $29?



1) This is the easiest set of instructions out of our 4 eBooks this year. It is only 1 page long and is extremely, extremely simple.
However, it does require YOU to put in the work to get this plan. CPM Canada is simply telling you what to do so that you can follow the steps. Please do not buy this if you are uncomfortable doing things yourself. 2.) You MUST be an existing Koodo customer for atleast 1 month. You cannot sign up for Koodo now and get this deal 3.) You can do this in the comfort of your own home without visiting any stores or retail location 4.) You cannot take advantage of this bonus if your account already has a data bonus!

What if I have multiple lines on my Koodo? Can I get the plan for all of them?

You do not need to buy this eBook multiple times. Only buy it once!


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