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Hear from thousands of satisfied customers about their journey to save money with the cheapest prices in Canada!



See what our customers have to say about our service, in their own words. You won't see any paid, fake or bot reviews. We go above and beyond to prove our customer stories are the real deal

  • We have multiple sources to see our reviews. As you'll see below, customers can leave a review through website, Facebook, and good ol' text message

    • On Facebook, its impossible to fake reviews because our customers use their own profile  

    • When they text us, we take a screenshot and post it to our Instagram. We leave the end of each number visible so you can see each review is from a different real number

  • Did you know our first ad on Kijiji had 2 million views? This is an all-time record, and seeing as Kijiji doesn't track views for free ads anymore, we'll take the cake on that one. We couldn't have done it without our OG customers. Although their reviews are now out-dated, for anyone interested , we link to those below as well 

  • No customer is forced and/or paid to leave a review

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