North American plans with extremely high data buckets. Ideal for power users, snowbirds or frequent travelers

Aqua Plans


15gb LTE Plan

15gb North American LTE Data

Unlimited North American Calling

Unlimited North American Texting

Hotspot usage in Canada/USA

Rollover Data 

(unused data rolls over to next month)

Caller ID + Voicemail

All usage includes Canada/US/Mexico

$55 /mo

$150 Setup Fee 

Per Line


+$20/mo Large Tab

+$30/mo XL Tab

+$40/mo XXL Tab

Unlimited Data Plan 

Unlimited North American LTE Data

Unlimited North American Calling

Unlimited North American Texting

10gb Hotspot usage in Canada/USA

Caller ID + Voicemail

All usage includes Canada/US/Mexico

$75 /mo

$150 Setup Fee 

Per Line

Aqua plans are individual plans with US phone numbers. Canadian phone numbers cannot be ported over. All prices above are in Canadian dollars

Our setup fee must be paid in advance to secure your plan

These plans are a great option for Dual-SIM phones and/or frequent travelers

Frequently asked questions

What is the process to acquire this plan?

These plans are extremely limited and sell out very quickly. To make it fair for all involved we have a very simple process 1.) Fill out our form by clicking the "Get Started" button. You will be prompted to make payment to secure your plan 2.) After we receive payment, we will schedule a phone call with you to activate your plan 3.) Your SIM is then express shipped to you free of charge

Who is this good for?

This is good for anyone who needs a lot of data. This would be a perfect "Second Line". As many people these days are doing with the ability to have dual-sims!
This is also good for "Snowbirds" or people who travel alot. Your data would work in both US and Canada (as well as Mexico) Great for truck drivers as well!

I'm interested, how do I proceed?

Click the get started button and fill out our short form. We will contact you with next steps!

How do I get the sim?

We will ship you the SIM card free of charge , regardless of where you are in Canada!

Who do I make payments to?

You will pay Cellphone Man Canada on a monthly basis. We accept all major credit cards including Visa Debit

Can I call from Canada to US and vice versa?

As long as you are within Canada, US or Mexico, you can call and text between all 3 without any extra charges.

What carrier is this on?

Canada: Rogers US: AT&T

What kind of speeds will I get?

You will get ultra fast LTE in both Canada and US. Take a look at our reviews posted below

What number will I get?

Canadian numbers cannot be ported to this plan. Nor can a number be chosen. You can however choose which state you want your number to be from. This plan is good for those who need lots of data, travel alot or commute to the states for work. Many of our current users put the SIM in a dual sim phone and have a cheap CDN plan for voice calls and use this plan for the rest. Check out the reviews below!

Why would I want a USA based plan?

Why wouldn't you? High data bucket, unlimited usage in 3 countries, and a low monthly price. Whats not to love?

Are you the only one offering this type of plan?

At CPM Canada, we start trends that quickly gain national attention. Expect our competitors to jump on board and try their best to copy selling these plans. Many of our "competitors" have signed up to our mailing list so they can constant updates about our services. They try to find out as much as they from our new plans, then copy it. Recently, 6ixbuzz TV on Instagram pointed this trend out. So expect this to pan out exactly like I'm calling it!

If somebody offers this same plan but for a lower fee, why would I choose you?

Think about it for a second! Would you really want to get a plan from someone who had to find out about it through our mailing list? Why isn't this company researching plans and ways to save money? You get what you pay for. We don't half-ass anything here at CPM Canada. We provide you with reliable service with guaranteed results. Anyone can make that claim, but to provide proof is another thing. We cannot stop you from going with competitors, but we would ask you to do your due diligence. Ask them how long they've been testing these plans and if they have any proof of that. Ask them, if they can prove the plans won't dissappear. If they say yes and give you a bogus answer - get out!

Is this plan guaranteed?

We tested this plan on a group of select users for 1 year. Then we offered it to a select group of customers for a fee in the summer time. We've had 3 batches sell out like wild-fire since then!

Is the unlimited plan really unlimited?

After 22gb your speeds MAY be slowed down IF there is network congestion. Please understand this is very different than Canadian carriers slowing speeds to 3g after 10gb.

What is your refund policy?

This is a prepaid plan, meaning when you purchase this plan for us. We are paying for the SIM + shipping + 1st months service.
If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the plan, you can cancel at anytime. However, our set-up fee is unrefundable For a smooth experience we would reccommend you: 1.) Are equipped with knowledge of your local area network infrastructure. In other words, please understand how good roaming (rogers) coverage is, in your area. Your entire experience with this plan will depend on that 2.) Be technically capable of troubleshooting data slow-downs and understand how throttling works. We explain all of this in our post set-up guide, but prior understanding would help

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