Do you ever feel like....

You spend way too much on your internet bill?

You waste your time on the phone with your carrier trying to negotiate a better rate?

You could use a little more bang for your buck?

Contracts and price increases give you a massive headache?

You don't have time to keep up with trends and new ways to get cheaper rates

We are extremely excited to introduce home internet savings!

Get the best internet rates offered in Ontario!

No Contract + waived Installation fees!

Deal directly with the provider - with no funny business involved!

Although, all of our prices are cheaper than buying directly from the provider. This symbol indicates a further limited time promotional offer!




Ignite 150 Unlimited $54.99
Ignite 500 Unlimited $64.99
Ignite Gigabit Unlimited $75.99


All internet packages include: FREE installation 
Wireless modem
Unlimited Data
2-year price protection

Only for Ontario residents


One time fee of $75

Internet 75 $65
Internet 300 $65
Gigabit Internet $79
1.5 Gigabit Internet $104


All internet packages include: FREE installation 
Wireless modem
Unlimited Data
2-year term

Only for BC and AB residents

Further discounts available for Telus/Koodo mobility customers

Tv + Whole home bundles also available

One time fee of $100

Fibe 50 Unlimited $54.95
Fibe 150 Unlimited $69.95
Fibe 500 Unlimited $79.95
Fibe 1GB Unlimited $89.95
1.5GB Unlimited $74.95


One time fee of $75


Before You Start

  • Please read this entire page before contacting us with questions

  • These internet rates are with Bell and Rogers

    • You cannot currently be an existing customer (residential services only, wireless is irrelevant)

      • For example, if you are currently with Bell for home internet, we advise you consider the Rogers rates, if you are already with Rogers, please consider the Bell rates​​​

    • You must reside at an address where Bell or Rogers is available

  • There is absolutely no contract for our Rogers or Bell internet plans and waived installation fee. This is very rare as most internet plans are 2 or 3 year contracts!

  • Our Telus rates are a 2 year term​​

  • Our fee is a one time $70

    • Does paying an upfront fee sketch you out? Don't worry - we're used to the skepticism. We use Stripe payments as our processor so you do not have to worry about any security or privacy issues!

  • You can lock in your price by following the instructions to secure your deal: 

      • 1.) Fill out the form below and make payment​

      • 2.) We will submit your order to the respective carrier

      • 3.) Once your order is confirmed, your price is locked in and a technician will visit your home on the agreed upon date

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These prices are examples only. Promotions are  based on your geographical location and specific address. Once you fill out our form, we will text you specific rates available to your address

3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Fill out our Form

Please fill out our short form, which requires payment to be made. Once we receive payment, we can move on to the next step


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Step 2

Wait for our Call

Wait for our text or call to let you know that your order has been placed. During this conversation we will let you know when to expect a technician to come and install your new services

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Enjoy Your Savings!

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Enjoy the savings!