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Home Internet Savings

Get the best internet rates offered in Canada!

No Contract + Waived Installation fees!

Deal directly with the provider!

Do you ever feel like....

You spend way too much on your internet bill?

You waste your time on the phone with your carrier trying to negotiate a better rate?

You could use a little more bang for your buck?

Contracts and price increases give you a massive headache?

Your discounts expiring and you don't have a backup plan?

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If you answered ✅YES to any of the questions above, please allow me to introduce myself: 👋 My name is Cellphone Man and I've helped Canadians save over $6 MILLION on their phone bills

Now, I'm super excited to spread savings to your home internet services as well!


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New here?

👉🏽 We changed the way Canadians purchase telecommunication services but we understand our process is unique. We share text messages, DM's, social media comments and good ol' fashioned web reviews, directly from verified buyers to prove we're the real deal.

📢The reviews below are for our Home Internet services only

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Remember, we have reviews going back over a decade!

Featured in

What started as an insider secret, grew to a nationwide phenomenon.

Say goodbye to overpriced home internet

We provide discounted home internet packages on major carriers. to help you save money. Our plans are usually 30%-50% cheaper than you will find anywhere else!

A plan you can show off

Our plans are the best of the best. So good that our customers tell their friends, family and co-workers about our services. This has lead to a cult like following of loyal followers across the country

Thousands of 5-star reviews

We go above and beyond to prove we're the real deal. Verified text messages, Instagram DM's and good old fashioned web reviews dating back to 2011

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