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Do you ever feel like....

You spend way too much on your cell phone bill?

You waste your time on the phone with your carrier trying to negotiate a better rate?

You could use a little more bang for your buck?

You would love to know how CPM Canada is able to offer amazing rate plans?

You don't have time to keep up with trends and new ways to get cheaper rates


If you answered yes to ANY of these...keep reading!

Imagine being able to....

Get the best rate plan ever offered in Canada!

Learn a valuable technique to make sure you can continue getting the best rate plans available

Pit the big carriers against each other all fighting for YOUR business with amazing offers!


This is totally possible for you! I know this because I've been helping people like you save money for over 10 years. To date, we've helped Canadians save $4.5 million on their phone bills!

For less than a month of Netflix, learn how to get one of the best offers ever!



Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Unlimited Nationwide Texting

Caller ID + Voicemail

and more...

$50 /mo

This plan is apart of our DIY series. You are purchasing an e-book which outlines detailed steps on how to acquire this plan

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