Frequently asked questions

How much is the referral credit?

$25 each! You and your friend both get the credit

Can my friend claim the referral before he visits a store?

This is actually a requirement. If your friend completes the referral after they visit the store, they will not be eligible.

Can I refer myself?


How long does it take to get the credit?

You should see the bill credit on your second or third bill

Step 1

Create YOUR referral LINK

Visit the Koodo referral page and

click "Refer Now"

After logging in

(with your existing Self-Serve login)

You will be presented with your unique referral link

SMS or Email this to your friend

Step 2

Redeem Offer

Have your friend

"Redeem the Offer"

before they visit the store


If done correctly, they will receive an email.

Make sure to have them check junk/spam 

Step 3

Visit a Store

Your friend can now follow

our step by step guide to get set-up with one of our great plans

Once their process is complete, they can open the referral email and enter their number to complete the referral

*It is important they WAIT until we complete the process and port their number into Koodo before submitting the referral*

Helpful Tips

  • It is very important your friend completes the "Redeem the Offer" part before they visit a store. If they activate an account without redeeming the offer, they are not eligible for the referral credit. Koodo does not make exceptions to this rule 

  • Make sure they WAIT until we have completed the process and successfully ported their number over to finish the referral process. 

  • If you or your friend are having issues or have questions about the referral please visit the Koodo Refer-A-Friend FAQ 

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