Create YOUR referral LINK

Visit the Koodo referral page and

click "Refer Now"

After logging in

(with your existing Self-Serve login)

You will be presented with your unique referral link

SMS or Email this to your friend

Redeem Offer

Have your friend

"Redeem the Offer"

before they visit the store


If done correctly, they will receive an email.

Make sure to have them check junk/spam 

Visit a Store

Your friend can now follow

our step by step guide to get set-up with one of our great plans

Once their process is complete, they can open the referral email and enter their number to complete the referral

*It is important they WAIT until we complete the process and port their number into Koodo before submitting the referral*

Helpful Tips

  • It is very important your friend completes the "Redeem the Offer" part before they visit a store. If they activate an account without redeeming the offer, they are not eligible for the referral credit. Koodo does not make exceptions to this rule 

  • Make sure they WAIT until we have completed the process and successfully ported their number over to finish the referral process. 

  • If you or your friend are having issues or have questions about the referral please visit the Koodo Refer-A-Friend FAQ 

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