Post Setup Guide

Hi Cellphone Man, now that I've purchased your ebook whats next? What do I do? Are you sure this isn't a scam? 

I'm about to have a panic attack! Help me!!

Take a deep breath. Congratulations! The hard part is over. You took the leap and followed our instructions on the quest to save money. Time to relax and let the pros do what they do best. 

On this page you will find answers to those deep burning questions you have, after you've submitted your request

You've just read our eBook. What now?


 Well, first things first. Pat yourself on the back! Our company is a one of a kind, online only business. We communicate through text and email and have somehow helped Canadians save over $3 million on their bills. We couldn't have done it without customers like you taking the plunge. We know it wasn't easy, so thank you. 

We also understand that our process changes with time. Unfortunately, this is the name of the game. Every SINGLE plan we've ever offered has had its own unique process. Many of you may expect a certain process, but please understand each offer has its own set of instructions.  We understand you've had to read a sh*t load of information, so we keep this page short and sweet with answers to your questions and concerns. 


Please check back for updates

Frequently asked questions

What now?

I ported my number out of Koodo/Telus and didn't receive a call back. WTF?

Be patient. Sometimes it can take 2-3 business days for the winback team to contact you

So I have to port out of Koodo/Telus? What is a port?

Many people are asking what a port is and how that works. Porting means transferring your number from one carrier to another.
To port your number to freedom mobile, you have two options: 1.) Visit their website and order a SIM card. When it arrives, you can give them a ring to port your number over. This option takes time and may risk the promotion expiring 2.) Visit a Freedom mobile store or authorized location to acquire a freedom mobile sim. Activate a prepaid plan and ask them to port your number in store

What costs should I expect following this process?

The main costs involved are the Freedom Mobile SIM card which should be $10. Then you must top up the prepaid account, you can choose the lowest plan they have. Telus MAY charge you a activation fee on your new plan, however, this can be easily waived by simply asking for it.
Other than that, there should be no other costs involved.

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately due to the nature of this instructional booklet, we cannot offer refunds for buyers remorse as there is nothing stopping you from getting your money back and following the instructions anyway. We have offered many warnings and "heads-up" of what to expect on our sales page and if you bought the eBook anyway, we assume you read through the whole page. We've had about 50 people ask for refunds because this plan isn't available in NS/NB although the first line on our sales page is "For ON/AB/BC Customers ONLY" We've had almost 75 customers ask for refunds because they're with Fido/Rogers yet our promotional email has 3 mentions and our FAQ clearly states this is for existing customers for Telus/Koodo only. Please understand we do our best and we are not here to scam anyone, we make all the information available for you to make a sound purchase decision
With that being said, we are not offering refunds at this time Thank you for understanding

I f*cking love you Cellphone Man

This isn't a question, but we love you too.
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What plan do I pick at Freedom?

It does not matter. You can pick any plan. Being budget-friendly, we always recommend the cheapest plan but please understand Freedom Mobile is a carrier that doesn't have the best service. So if you ABSOLUTELY cannot be without data for a day or two, then feel free to pick one of the more expensive plans. Regardless, it is irrelevant to this process which Freedom Mobile plan you pick

I called Koodo/Telus and they would not offer me this plan. What do I do?

Wait an hour or two and call back. Try to get a different rep. During our testing we were denied a few times and got the right rep who was more than willing to help us out and activate this plan.
At this moment there is no clear-cut rules for eligibilty. So YMMV

If for some reason this doesn't work, can I still have my old plan back?

Once an account is cancelled, it stays active in Koodo's / Telus' system for 30 days. At any time during that time, you can call Koodo/Telus and re-activate your account. In terms of your plan, if you have an in-market plan from Koodo there should be no issues re-activating. If you have an out of province plan from us or some other means, it will not be possible to get the same plan.
This is why we incluced a warning in our sales page

I called Koodo/Telus and they say this plan doesn't exist. SCAM ALERT!

No, No , No. Please follow the instructions. Koodo/Telus reps will not be aware of this plan as this is a win-back ONLY offer. Win-back teams are hired by Telus and are out-sourced. This is done intentionally and regular call center reps will not be aware of this plan. Please follow the steps as-is