Post Setup Guide

Hi Cellphone Man, now that I've submitted my request, whats next? What do I do? Are you sure this isn't a scam? 

I'm about to have a panic attack! Help me!!

Take a deep breath. Congratulations! The hard part is over. You took the leap and followed our instructions on the quest to save money. Time to relax and let the pros do what they do best. 

On this page you will find answers to those deep burning questions you have, after you've submitted your request

You've just submitted your request. What now?


 Well, first things first. Pat yourself on the back! Our company is a one of a kind, online only business. We communicate through text and email and have somehow helped Canadians save over $3 million on their bills. We couldn't have done it without customers like you taking the plunge. We know it wasn't easy, so thank you. 

The hard part on your end is over, but the process isn't complete just yet. There are a few more things we'd like you to be aware of. We understand you've had to read a sh*t load of information, so we keep this page short and sweet with links and articles to help you understand how it all goes down

To help the process execute smoothly, we recommend:

  • Have patience. Due to COVID-19 the whole world is on a slow-down. This means shipping couriers are delayed, our task-force is short handed. So just take it easy and expect things to move a little slower than usual.  

  • Check your junk/spam regularly. Despite our best efforts to get customers to "whitelist" us, our emails still end up in spam. This is because we send a lot of emails, and many email providers classify bulk emails as junk, even if the sender is whitelisted

Frequently asked questions

What now?

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Yes! We may change your Koodo number to something temporary before we port in your final number. If you see a random number, please don't freak out. We've been doing this a long time, and we (usually) don't make mistakes!

When will my SIM be delivered?

Once we receive your request, we will be sending you an email with a final completion date. This will have the subject line "Update:ETA". It could take us 1-2 business days to get this out to you. If you do not receive it within this timeframe, don't freak out. Give us a text at 647-631-0078 with the full name on the submission, and we can check for you We like to keep our customers updated. You will receive a handful of emails from us throughout this whole process. The timeline of emails is below: Update: ETA - this is the Estimated Time of when the SIM will be delivered to you Update: Activated - this is to notify you that your SIM card has been activated and a shipping label has been created Update: On its way! - this is to notify you that your package has been dispatched off to the courier

Should I expect any delays or hiccups?

Usually, no. However, due to COVID-19 there are many situations that can occur to delay your shipment. If any delays occur, we will notify you by email ASAP

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately due to the process in activating these SIM cards, once they are activated under your name - we cannot sell them to anyone else. If you change your mind, the SIM is now useless and puts us at a loss. We make sure to provide you with all information before your purchase decision and only deal with serious buyers. Sometimes though, buyers remorse does occur. You are free to cancel your account but you will not be refunded your set-up fee We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

I f*cking love you Cellphone Man

This isn't a question, but we love you too.
We'd appreciate it if you can show your love by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram Our following online is embarssingly small, it would really help if you can follow and share our posts to help us increase our reach. Also, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. If anyone signs up to one of our Aqua plans, we will give you one month for free!

I received my SIM but it has no service. Did you make a mistake?

Nope! Since your plan is a prepaid plan, this means we must receive payment for your first month before we can "turn on" your plan. Your SIM is activated. We simply need to flip a switch after receiving payment. In our first year offering these plans, we fronted the money and many people left us hanging which lead to us having to chase them for the first months bill. This way is much more efficient. Check your email for your invoice. Also, read the billing section of this FAQ for more information

Using your plan

Can I track my usage?

Yes of course, you can login online on AT&T's website. Use the default password we provided you and your phone number to access your online profile. Please remember to follow our terms and conditions which forbid you to change any information on your online profile. This is so that you can keep your promotional rate. This is also so that we can login to your profile just incase we need to troubleshoot if any issues arise. If you're concerned about security, don't be - this is a prepaid account with very little information about you. All it has is your name and email address!

Can I change my online profile password?

Please remember to follow our terms and conditions which forbid you to change any information on your online profile. This is so that you can keep your promotional rate. This is also so that we can login to your profile just incase we need to troubleshoot if any issues arise. If you're concerned about security, don't be - this is a prepaid account with very little information about you. All it has is your name and email address!

Is this plan e-SIM compatible?

Yes it is! However, due to COVID-19 we are unable to secure an e-SIM for you. The only way to do so is to visit an AT&T Store or Apple store in the USA and ask for an eSIM. The Apple Store will provide you one free of charge and the AT&T store will ask for $5 Then contact us to make the change. Please note, you will need a new e-SIM everytime you want to switch phones.

Is the unlimited plan really unlimited? Or are there slow-downs?

The unlimited plan will give you 22gb of high-speed LTE data. After that, you "MAY" experience slower speeds "IF" there is network congestion. Please understand that is very different than how Canadian "unlimited" plans work. Canadian carriers give you 10gb of LTE data, and then unlimited 3g data afterwards. Thats far from unlimited. This plan on the other hand will only slow down your data if there is a sudden increase in network usage. Based on our testing and feedback from our customers, slow-downs do not happen every month so we see it is a truly unlimited plan

How does data roll-over work?

This is for people on the 8gb plan. If you do not use your full 8gb, the unused data will roll over to the next month. Lets say you only used 6gb, the unused 2gb will roll over to the next month allowing you a total of 10gb. Amazing right? Please note this only happens for one month at a time, meaning, data does not keep accumulating if you don't use it. In our above example, if you do not use the 2gb that rolled over, it will expire. Data can ONLY roll over onto the next month.


My data doesn't work!?

Make sure roaming as well as data roaming is turned on. Give your phone a restart. If it still doesn't work - contact us

I notice my phone drops down to 3g quite often. WTF?

This happens periodically and we have no answer for it. Luckily, it goes away in 10-15 seconds or by turning airplane mode on and off.

I have an issue. Can I call Rogers or AT&T?

These carriers have made it clear they don't like us. Why would they? We make it harder for them to sell you more expensive options. Anyway, we wouldn't like them giving you a hard just for being a customer of ours. So any issues you have, we would appreciate if you contact us first!

My videos are buffering and load very slow? WTF?

USA plans all have something called Stream-Saver enabled by default. This saves you data on streaming applications like YouTube and Netflix. Contact us to turn this off for your account

I lost my SIM. How can I get a new one?

We would be happy to ship you a new replacement SIM. We will charge you $20 which covers the price of the SIM + shipping. Thank you for understanding!


Who do I pay on a monthly basis?

You will be paying us on a monthly basis for your plan. Our payments are hosted through Stripe which is an extremely popular online payment processor. Stripe is used by businesses such as Google, Amazon, Lyft and more!

I received my SIM card and it isn't activated. Whats going on?

This is a prepaid account. We must receive your first months payment before we can fully activate your SIM. Check your email for an invoice. Pay the invoice and we will turn on your services. Once your first invoice is paid manually, the rest of the payments will be on "auto-pay" using the same billing method.

Why am I paying you instead of the carrier itself?

Good question! We get a bulk discount. Although it isn't much , it does save you on tax + currency conversion. We pass those savings onto you!

Do I have to pay manually every month or is there auto-pay?

These promotional rates are contingent on "auto-pay". The only invoice you have to pay manually is the first one, after that we will turn on auto-pay

What if I decide not to pay you?

We do not tolerate scammers, with that being said : We reserve the right to cancel your account at our discretion due to non payment. Usually this translates to not receiving payment for 2 consecutive months. If you are late on your payments on a regular basis, we may ask you to pay 3 months upfront at a time. If you decline this request, we may cancel your account. We understand life happens so we are here to work with you, however, we will not tolerate scammers and poeple who think they can "disappear"
Thank you for your understanding

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