Post Setup Guide

Hi Cellphone Man, now that I've submitted my request, whats next? What do I do? How will I know when to switch sims? Are you sure this isn't a scam? 

I'm about to have a panic attack! Help me!!

Take a deep breath. Congratulations! The hard part is over. You took the leap and followed our instructions on the quest to save money. Time to relax and let the pros do what they do best. 

On this page you will find answers to those deep burning questions you have, after you've submitted your request

You've just submitted your request. What now?


 Well, first things first. Pat yourself on the back! Our company is a one of a kind, online only business. We communicate through text and email and have somehow helped Canadians save over $2 million on their bills. We couldn't have done it without customers like you taking the plunge. We know it wasn't easy, so thank you. 

The hard part on your end is over, but the process isn't complete just yet. There are a few more things we'd like you to be aware of. We understand you've had to read a sh*t load of information, so we keep this page short and sweet with links and articles to help you understand how it all goes down

To help the process execute smoothly, we recommend 3 things:

  • Test the Koodo SIM. Make a test call and check to see if your phone connects to the Koodo network. The last thing you want is to find out at the end of the process that you received a faulty SIM and have to go back to the store. This is extremely common. So test it out now for peace of mind 

  • Check your junk/spam regularly. Despite our best efforts to get customers to "whitelist" us, our emails still end up in spam. This is because we send alot of emails, and alot of email providers classify bulk emails as junk, even if the sender is whitelisted

  • Keep the service with your old provider active. A phone number needs to be active for us to port. This is simply how porting works. Also, you should be using your "old" providers services up until we transfer everything over. This isn't necessary, but you wouldn't want to use the Koodo sim right away since it won't have your number on it just yet

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