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All set-up fees are 50% off

Scarlet Series

Our most popular plans just got better. More data at a cheaper monthly rate

  • 25gb-100gb options

  • Free roaming in the USA on select plans

  • Need a new phone? Lease/finance options available

  • Works for new and existing customers

Set-up Fee:

$75 (reg.$150) one time fee

 for ALL plans

$85 (reg.$175) one time fee

for Canada + USA plans

Violet Series

Affordable monthly rates at an insanely low set-up fee 

(all-time low)

  • Recently introduced 3gb and 10gb options at super low monthly rates

  • No credit check

  • Great for young teens, parents or anyone on a budget

Set-up Fee:

$25 (reg. $50) one time fee

Home Internet

Save BIG on residential services

  • Thousands of customers trusted us for their home internet this year. You can too!

  • Rogers, Bell and Telus available

  • No hidden fees + waived activation


Set-up Fee:

$37 (reg. $75) one time fee

DIY Series

Learn how to get a killer deal all on your own

  • Step by Step eBook on how to get one of the greatest plans ever!

  • Written in 2021 but still works today  - confirmed!



$17.50 (reg. $35)

Sale ends Mar 31st @ 11:59 est. No exceptions

How To Take Advantage

Fill out a short form to confirm eligibility, then check your email for an exclusive link to sign up!

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We changed the way Canadians purchase telecommunication services and we go above and beyond to prove we're the real deal. We've been posting verified texts and DM's with satisfied customers on Instagram


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Each of our offerings include their own Frequently Asked Section. Please read these before contacting us. If you still have questions, click here to WhatsApp us now!

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