Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

About Us

Who is Cellphone Man?

Cellphone Man Canada was started by Tony in 2012. We started selling Virgin Mobile plan which was 6gb for $50. This was a historically low price and gave CPM the start it needed to become a nation-wide phenomenon. Our ad for this plan had 2 million views on Kijiji, which is the record for the highest viewed ad of all time!

What do you do?

Simple! We hunt down the best deals for Canadians to save money on their cell phone bill. This includes but is not limited to:

  • carrier discount pricing
  • out of province plans
  • corporate plans
  • US based plans

Are you saying you started the trend of out of province plans?

Yes! Before "Cellphone Man" there was nobody offering legitimate cell phone services online. Kijiji didn't even have a "Cellphone Services" section like they do now. In fact, not only did we start the trend, we created a whole industry! When I first started this company, I used my real name to promote my services. My ad was called "Plans by Tony". After CBC ran their article on us, competitors came out of the woodworks. There was a plans by John, Drew, Jamie, etc etc. They copied our website word for word, some stole our logo. One up until this day has "Experience Wireless Freedom" as their tagline, when that has been on our homepage since 2016. You can't call your self a guru, if you can't come up with your own tagline!

You sound bitter - why should I trust you?

We are extremely passionate about what we do here. Our mission of lowering prices is working! What we don't like and are admittely very bitter about is our "competitors". We have no qualms with healthy competition. In fact, healthy competition helps us accomplish our goal quicker. However, most people who claim to be our "competitors" are giving CPM Canada a bad name! We get 10-15 customers reaching out to us monthly saying they have been left hanging by a "competitor" and want us to fix their account. Thousands more have been scammed on Kijiji, Facebook, and Craigslist for people looking to make a quick buck. This gets on our nerves because it makes our job harder. Let me put it this way. Before any of these competitors magically appeared we were routinely called the "Canadian Robinhood of Cellphone Plans", with more of these "competitors" the term was changed to "Black Market Wireless Industry" What does this tell you?

Okay I get it, you created a whole industry from nothing. What can you do for me?

We go where the deals are! We've offered plans from Rogers, Fido, Telus, Virgin and most recently Koodo. You can take a look at our Available Plans page to see what we have to offer at the moment

Do you have a retail store?

We have customers in all nooks and crannies of Canada. It is simply not possible to have that kind of reach with a physical store. Our services are provided securely through online channels. We communicate through SMS, phone, and e-mail. We accept payment through secured channels. We put your satisfaction first, which means all of your information is handled with the utmost security:

  • Our process is designed to be completely safe and secure
  • Our website is SSL certified
  • We only take payment after your plan change is delivered**
  • We have great reviews and have been mentioned in top news publications in Canada such as Huffington Post, CBC and The Globe and Mail.
Check out our reviews by clicking here **For limited time plans that require reservation, we may ask for payment upfront


What information do I need to provide you?

We ask you fill out a form with your basic information. We do not ask for any personal information like your SIN, drivers license, or credit card. If anybody is asking you for that information online beware!

Why should I trust you?

Many reasons:

  • You get what you pay for, always remember that!
  • We started this thing! Nobody has the same expertise and knowledge about the mobile industry like we do. They can all claim to be in business for a decade, but thats simply not true!
  • Our website is SSL certified
  • All of our communication lines are encrypted
  • We will never sell or provide your information to a third party**
**unless legally required to do so


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